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Finished Malmhaus [Aka Metalhead], a 2013 drama from Iceland.

Solid 10/10, and I rarely give any movie that high of a score. I highly recommend it. You don’t have to be in to metal, but being in to metal would make it ten times as enjoyable.

It takes place in 1970. An every day carefree girl [Hera, 12] witnesses her brother’s death and blames herself for it. She finds comfort and solace in metal music, which her brother [Baldur] was very in to. The movie follows her as she turns rebellious and practices guitar/making her own music, and the turmoils and emotional drama she has to deal with and grow up from.

About to watch Malmhaus [Metalhead] after waiting for a year it feels like!


Foggy Lane, Asturias, Spain

photo by estorbin


The Empyrean, from The Divine Comedy (1861-1868), Gustave Doré

The Empyrean, “from the Medieval Latin empyreus, an adaptation of the Ancient Greek ἔμπυρος empyrus ”in or on the fire (pyr)”, is a region described in the the Paradiso portion of Dante’s Divine Comedy as a place beyond even the highest spheres of Heaven, the dwelling place of God and angels. In The Divine Comedy, Dante is “enveloped by [a] veil of radiance” as he ascends to the Empyrean.

Some medieval writers conceived of it as a celestial sphere formed from pure fire, but others contested that it burned with light rather than elemental fire, as Thomas Aquinas described in the Summa Theologica"wholly luminous… that heaven is called the empyrean, not from its fiery heat, but from its brightness". 


Paolo Girardi, 2013


Lushan Spire, by Douglas Knisely


Masked Horror

Corrupted Angel

Inside My Head


By Eemeling on DeviantART


Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell


WATAIN album art


Illustrations by Gabriel Picolo


The Opening of the Sixth Seal, 1828

Francis Danby